Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Best Places to Buy Fabric Online

If you are a fabricaholic like me, or you just like fabric, then you know how much easier it is to shop for fabric in person. But, there are SO many choices out there, why limit yourself? And thanks to many online fabric sites, it's almost easier to shop online these days. Here is my list of top 5 places to buy fabric online:

This is my go-to site for everything. They carry tons of fabric for apparel, quilting, home decor, and they even recently started carrying yarn. They also have patterns and notions. The best feature of this site is the free shipping after you spend $35. Not to mention, the free return shipping. You can't go wrong! I find to also have very reasonable prices. I have purchased a lot of my knits from this site. The only negative thing I have to say about is that the shipping is not the speediest.

2. Etsy
You might think of Etsy as only a place to buy and sell hand crafted items, but there is also a whole category devoted to supplies, like fabric. Many shops on Etsy only sell designer fabrics. And then you have people like myself, who every now and then "destash" where you can find some really hard to find pieces. A new trend emerging on Etsy is hand printed fabric, like this cute apple fabric from Blueberry Ash:

3. The Fabric Fairy
Let me just say that when I first discovered The Fabric Fairy, my bank account quickly diminished! This site is not only very well organized and easy to navigate, but she has the cutest, most unique fabrics out there! Especially if you sew kids clothes. Several of my knits were purchased here, like this nautical anchor print.

4. Fat Quarter Shop
Another very well organized and easy to navigate site, love these! If you are looking for a cotton quilting fabric, then Fat Quarter Shop probably has it. The checkout process is streamlined, the shipping is quick, and the packaging is excellent.

5. Spoonflower
Maybe I saved the best for last, not sure. But this is definitely my new favorite fabric site. Not only do you shop for fabric, but you also have the option to create and print your own fabric! How exciting is that!?! While that deserves an entirely separate post, it is something I definitely want to try and write a post about it. In the meantime, I still have yet to purchase from Spoonflower, but it seems easy enough. You can purchase as little as a test swatch, or a fat quarter, or yardage. You have several fabric options also, from a basic combed cotton to an organic cotton knit to silk. Another bonus for designing fabric with Spoonflower, is that you get a 10% designer discount on fabric!

That's it! (for now) What are your go-to fabric sites? I'd love to hear!


Mujaffar Ali said...
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A.Co said...

This was so helpful!! thanks!

Tom Samson said...

you should also list

Former Berkeley Girl said...

Thanks for the list. Check out and let me know what you think

bfoltyn said...

Ok.. the best place is if you don't see it online, call them, they will have it and email photos right away.. best part, no fabric is over $8.99yard

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